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The technology deployed in learning and teaching spaces continues to develop at an increasing pace and this, along with changes in pedagogy, have made an impact on overall room and system design.

The increased variety of equipment and software means that technology is no longer restricted to the ICT classroom. Schools and Universities utilizing display and projection equipment to enhance their student learning experience through visual and interactive activities in every subject.  

Working closely with all stakeholders to ensure that each new installation best reflects the developments in both technology and education.

Each project is customized on a fit for purpose solution, and selects from a wide range of cutting edge equipment, devices, and software in order to increase student engagement.

Solutions can facilitate distance /remote learning and can integrate with platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google classroom, etc.

An educational environment usually needs:

  • Videoprojectors, LCD and interactive displays for visual presentation

  • e-Learning platform and software

  • Portable and installed PA systems

  • Webconference facilities

  • Tour guide systems

  • Tablets, computers and accessories

  • Visualizers and document cameras

  • Digital Signage System

  • Announcements/evacuation system

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