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  • Webstreaming engineer / AV Engineer / System Designer (7/2020 - today)
    Design and operation of Virtual and Hybrid events

  • AV Installation Manager / Production Manager (4/2017 – 6/2020)
    Pearl Group Production Services - Dublin , Ireland  

    Designing audiovisual systems, and supervising company's installations
    Project manager for corporate events and conferences
    Supervising rental stock maintenance


  • Senior Audiovisual Technician (10/2015 – 3/2017)
    Pearl Group Production Services - Dublin,Ireland 

    Setting and operating audio and visual equipment at corporate events

  • Senior Audiovisual and Lighting Technician (2/2007 - 9/2015)
    Rackey's Audiovisual and Lighting - Athens, Greece

    Setting and operating audio, lighting and visual equipment at events, festivals. Installing permanent sound-systems for various applications. 

  • Technical Manager (06/2006 – 01/2007)
    Berco - Athens, Greece
    Heading the technical department (audio, lighting, trussing, decoration) of the event company Berco 

  • Freelance Sound Engineer - Audiovisual Technician (9/1998-12/2008)
    Athens, Greece - Touring all over Grecce
    Mixing FOH and monitor, recording concerts, mixing in studio


  • Music Technology Teacher (9/2002– 6/2006)
    Musical Praxis Conservatory - Athens, Greece
    Teaching music software 


  • Broadcast Engineer (8/1997 – 12/1998)
    Volos Municipal Television &  Volos Municipal Radio - Volos, Greece
    Broadcast audio-video desk operator

  • Stage Manager & Librarian (10/1995 - 9/1996)
    Volos Symphony Orchestra - Volos, Greece
    Preparing for concerts and rehearsals

  • Computing and Programming (9/1997-12/2000)
    Institute of Vocational Education of Volos - Volos, Greece


  • Music Theory and Synthesis Studies (10/1994 - 6/2000)
    Volos Municipal Conservatory  - Volos, Greece

    • Harmony Diploma (7/1996)

    • Philarmonic Orchestra Conductor Diploma (6/1997)

    • Contrapuctum Diploma (12/1999)


  • Music Technology Course (9/1994 - 6/1996)
    Volos Municipal Conservatory - Volos, Greece


  • Sound Engineering and CD production Course (1/1999 - 4/1999)
    Volos Municipal Educational Organisation - Volos, Greece


  • Cameraman and Broadcast Engineering Course (5/1999-8/1999)
    Volos Municipal Educational Organisation - Volos, Greece


Certified  HDBaseT Trainer (15/7/2018)


Certified design partner


Certified AVoverIP Installation Partner


Certified AVoIP amd RF partner


IPTV installer



In-class training on programming SY panels (27/4/2017)

College of AMX

Online training – certification Harman Certified Control Associate | Design (4/4/2017)

Online training-certification Tesira Forte (27/12/16)

Studer Vista
Online training course Studer Vista certification – Broadcast Applications (28/12/15)


  • Two day training – certification Q-SYS Level 2 (14,15/12/16, certification 2/1/17)

  • Online training – certification (30/7/16)

  • Online training K Series and KW series (27/7/16), KLA series (26/7/16), PLD/CXD amplifiers (28/7/16)

College of BSS

  • Two day training BSS Sound Web (15-16/2/2017)

  • Harman certified Audio Associate| Programming (26/2/2017)

  • Harman certified Audio Professional| Programming (17/3/2017)

  • Harman certified Audio Associate| Design (18/3/2017)

  • Harman certified Audio Professional| Design (28/4/2017)

One day Hands-on training at Adlib (Liverpool) on Digico SD series (14/2/16)


training-certification at Midas “Certified Midas Digital System Engineer” CMDSE (8-9/3/16)


Dante – Audinate

Certification “Dante Level-1” 17/11/16 -  level 2 (6/2/17
Certification Dante Level 3 February 2018)



  • Shure Integrated Systems certification Level 1 &2 (March 2020)

  • In-class training by Shure Audio Institute  Micorflex Advance and Microfelx Wireless (28/7/ 2016)

  • In-class training by Shure Audio Institute  Wireless mastered: Live events (24/11/ 2016)


Certification Symetrix Composer (9/9/16)



  • Online training Panasonic Professional Displays (16/9/2016)

  • Online training Panasonic Professional Projectors (15/9/2016)


d&b audiotechnik

  • In-class training by d&b Electroacoustic seminar (14/9/16)

  • In-class training by d&b Sound System optimization  (26-27/4/16)

  • In-class training by d&b Software & System fundamentals  (20/4/17)


  • Online training – certification EXTRON Certified AV Associate (6/11/2016)

  • Online training Configuring for control (7/11/16)

  • Online course AV Systems Design (29/12/16)

  • Online course AV Streaming  Design (4/1/17)

  • Online course Control System Design (7/1/17)

Media Martrix – Peavey
Certified training Media matrix NION (28/8/2016)



  • Training corse on Spyder X20 (July 2017)

  • ​Several online courses at Chrisite University​​ 

  • Two day training M Series Intermediate (7-8/3/2017)


Titan Beginner (1/2/2017)


College of Crown
Online course Crown DriveCore Installation Training (14/3/2017)


  • One day course about safety awareness in technical Theatre by AIST (21/7/2016)

  • Health and Safety Authority on-line course Managing Driving for Work (2/8/16)

  • Health and Safety Authority on-line course Slips, Trips and Falls (2/8/16)

  • Health and Safety Authority on-line course Safety Management (2/8/16)

  • Online training Working at Heights Awareness (18/2/2017)

  • SafePass

  • Manual Handling


Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing, Web-conferencing systems
Designing and commissioning solutions by Webex, Zoom Rooms, Polycom,  MS Teams, Yealink, Logitech, Avonic


  • Programming and video switching(Wirecast, vMix, Livestream Studio, ATEM, Roland, Analog Way, Barco, Qlab, Millumin, Mitti, Resolume)

  • Social media integration

  • Registration and monetisation management

  • Webinar platform management (ON24, Dacast, livestorm, Crowdcast, Dacast, etc)

Digital Signage
Designing and commissioning digital signage solutions with SOC (NEC, Samsung, benq, LG, Sony) or media player (Exterity, Brightsign, Xibo)

Collaboration systems
Consulting and commissioning the most suitable solution for wireless connectivity and collaboration (Barco, Screenbeam, Kramer, Mersive)

Control Systems
Designing, programming and commissioning control system  (Extron, SY, Kramer)

Discussion and interpretation Systems
Consulting and commissioning the most suitable solution (Shure, Bosch, Beyerdynamic, AKG)

Video distribution
Designing and commissioning video distribution utilizing the most suitable technology AVoverIP, HDBaseT, SDVoE, SDI, internet link

Video processing switching 
Broadcast switchers (Datavideo, Blackmagic, Pioneer, Sony, Roland, Panasonic)

Image processors, switchers and matrices (Barco, Analogway, Kramer, Extron, Atlona, Bluestream, SY, Tvone, Datapath, Dexon, Lightware, HDAnyware, Lindy)   

LCD, LED screens and video walls
Interactive screens, digital signage dispays, commercial tvs NEC, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Panasonic, Barco, Unilumen

Projection systems – video display
Video projectors, projector blending (Christie digital, Barco, Panasonic, Epson, Toshiba, Benq,  Hitachi, Nec, Vivitek, Infocus)

IPTV systems 

Design and commissioning (Exterity)

Video streaming solutions          

Design and commissioning automated webinar studio (Mediasite)
Webstreaming / broadcasting hybrid and virtual events (Wirecast, VMix, Vimeo, Social Media)

Portable, Touring and Installed Sound Systems
Designing and setup point source and line array systems  (D&B audiotechnic, Martin, JBL, EV, LD Systems, RCF, PROEL, Peavey, Fender, DAS, Outline, Celestion, Dynacord, β3, Nexo,  Audio Performance, Meyer). 
Utilising manufacturer's aiming and prediction software
Trained and certified by D&B audiotechnic, Nexo, JBL, RCF


Audio DSP
Configuration and commissioning  Dbx, BSS, Biamp, QSC, Audiotechnica, Symetrix, Extron


Analog & Digital desks – distribution networks
Midas, DDA, Soundcraft, Allen Heath, Cadac, Yamaha, Behringer, Phonic, Roland, Crest, TAC, Studiomaster, Mackie, D&R, Peavey, Lawo, Inovasson, Studer, Digidesing - Avid, Presonus, QSC, Tascam.

digital protocols Dante, MADI, Ethersound, AES50,  AVB, Cobranet
Trained and certified by Roland, Midas, Lawo, Soundcraft, QSC, Studer, dantel level 3


Stage Lighting
Lighting for concerts, conferences, performances using conventional lights (par, pc, fresnel, profile, cyclorama  etc) and moving heads
programming dmx consoles (sgm pilot 2000 & 3000, zero88 mambo frog, eurolite scene setter, avolites)


Architectural lighting
Static, color changing architectural lights (HQI, citycolor, ledstrips etc)


Exhibition stand
Flooring, truss constructions, lighting (flood lights, moving heads, spotlights, fx etc), video displays (lcd screens, plasma walls, led walls, led curtains, video projectors), sound systems


Trussing & Scaffolding Systems
Trusses and ground support system (Litec, Prolyte, Eurotruss, Moblitruss, Fantek, Fenix, ATC, Milos)


Staging systems
Staging systems (nivtec, butec, prolyte, mikkou, Gill), dance floor (Florlok), crowd barriers


Scenery and fx
Drapes, backdrops, partitions etc, operating fireworks, hazers, smoke machines, etc.


Power distribution
Cabling and power distribution design according to equipment consumption

Broadcast cameras, PTZ, PoV, studio, remote operation and programming
video distribution NDI, SDI, fiber


Public address 100v
Announcement systems, background music, evacuation 100v multizone speaker systems
(Bosh, TOA, Cloud, BSS, Tannoy)


Video editing
Editing with Davinci Resolve and Final Cut.


Audio recording and editing
Multi-track recording, mixing, editing ( Logic, Protools, Wavelab, Soundforge, reaper, Nuendo


Home cinema and Hi-Fi
Residential installations multi room systems, store multichannel 


Audiovisual Gear maintenance and troubleshooting
- on site maintenance for permanent audiovisual, lighting and broadcasting systems
- on site troubleshooting for permanent audiovisual, lighting and broadcasting systems
- at warehouse testing, cleaning the gear before and after rental


Conference systems
Discussion, conferencing and interpretation systems (Shure DIS, AKG , Bosch, Beyer Dynamic, Televic)


- Computer optimization for av use
- Hardware repairs/upgrade/refurbishing

- OS installation, remote support (windows and apple)

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